Thursday 13


Welcome to all newcomers and welcome back to those who play regularly! What are you all writing about today?

8 comments on “Thursday 13

  1. on April 27, 2011
    AussiePomm says:

    Mines up as well at Thursday Thirteen #14 – Moody

    Have a great T13!!

  2. on April 27, 2011
    colleen says:

    Paint by numbers. Donald Trump is dogged by rumors that his hair is not from the U.S., stink bugs and more.

  3. on April 28, 2011
    Heather says:

    This week: A tour of the Wisconsin state capitol (part one).

  4. on April 28, 2011
    WarmSunshine says:

    Come over to my place guys. I have a blog party waiting for you and a book review you wouldn’t want to miss! :)

    Happy Thursday!

  5. on April 28, 2011

    I’m sharing 13 Snippets from my upcoming novella, “Alternate Rialto”.

  6. on April 28, 2011
    ibeati says:


  7. on April 28, 2011
    Laura says:

    I participated for the first time with things my Dad collected.

  8. on April 30, 2011
    wayne says:

    Madison is a great town. I got to visit it in the mid 90′s when we lived in Illinois